Worry dolls

Did you ever encounter those little dolls called “worry dolls”? They’re tiny dolls made out of wire and thread and they come in a small box. They look like this:


The idea is that when you go to bed, you tell the worry dolls all of your worries and then the dolls can worry about them for you so your mind is cleared up to sleep. I can’t remember who gave me some worry dolls, but it was a pretty appropriate gift. As a kid, I had a lot of worries. In addition, my thinking face makes me look like I’m worried. So whenever I’d be deep in thought, people would ask me what I was worried about. I did a lot of thinking, so I’m sure I appeared to be an expert worrier in dire need of small dolls.

As I did indeed have a lot of worries anyway, I thought I’d try it out. I tried it out for a few nights, telling each doll a different worry. I only had seven dolls so they only got seven of my worries on each night. Then I’d put them under my pillow and try to sleep a bit better.

After a few days, I didn’t feel so great about this arrangement.




Oh god. OH GOD. What kind of miserable lives were these tiny dolls living?? Every night I burden them with a new worry and they’re doomed to churn the thought over and over for the entire night and possibly the day as well, trapped under the pillow in the dark until I gave them something new to worry about! The poor, sad, worrying little bastards! What kind of awful person was I, to burden them with my troubles?

Soon I was too worried about the welfare of my worry dolls to tell them my worries anymore.

And now I’ve got another thing to worry about.

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