This is some of the shorter stuff I’ve been recording in Evernote for the last year or so. Enjoy.

Mary had a little spoon
Which bent much like a crescent moon
And if the spoon bent right around
Mary would eat upside-down

Instead of analyzing the wondrous for fear we can never reconstruct it, we should enjoy it while we have it in this moment.

I had a dream I was eating heaps of chocolate. That’s the best kind of dream. The worst one is where you’re resisting eating heaps of chocolate and you wake up and think “no! I had the chance to eat guilt-free dream chocolate and I turned it down!” And then you eat real chocolate.

What kind of noise do you reckon bees make when they’re throwing up into those little honeycombs? Is it like BLERRGH? Like “blark!”? Maybe it’s like “bzzlkkrrt”?

Live your values.

How do ghosts sit down? Do they have to sit on the floor? Isn’t it uncomfortable?

Magic is just the occurrence of something incredible, that defies explanation. It’s arrogant to think that we, the human race, are at a point where we can explain everything. Not even close. What is love? What is music? There is magic.

Having arms – how good is it? We’ve been through this before. And arms are AWESOME.

I don’t know what serendipity means to you, but to me it will always be a pink dinosaur.

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