Gumby for the modern age

embersalt: hey cool, check out today’s google logo
Dewi: embersalt: don’t you feel too scarred by that?
Dewi: I respect Art Clokey’s achievements but I still feel somewhat violated by them
Kewn: *laughs*
embersalt: Dewi: it does make me feel a bit uncomfortable
embersalt: Dewi: I can’t really explain why
Dewi: Also I used to wonder if it would be updated for modern parlance
Dewi: In the 50s, people would call somebody a “blockhead”, so they came up with the genius of having them with literal blocks for heads
Dewi: so ever since I’ve been waiting for the new gumby to have *literal* shitheads
Dewi: or *literal* fuckheads
Dewi: it’s only logical.
Kewn: :D
embersalt: *laughs*
embersalt: literal dickheads, at the very least
Dewi: yeah, that!
Dewi: I think that’s more what I thought of actually
Dewi: every time I saw them on screen
Dewi: I’d think “nobody says blockhead anymore”
Dewi: and then I’d picture a lovely clay penis
Dewi: you know, crafted, by an artist
Dewi: *sighs.*
Dewi: Also his friend was called prickle
Dewi: which is almost but not quite as disturbing as having a stoner character called “shaggy”
Dewi: or Master Bates from captain pugwash

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