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Here are some reviews of movies that I haven’t seen lately.

Oranges and Sunshine
Emily Watson plays Margaret Humphreys, a social worker who uncovers a scandal, possibly involving the effects of photons on oranges. Hero to children by day and hero to citrus by night, Margaret’s illegal studies into biological weaponry lead her down a path of no return. Her acting is flawless, and the special effects incredible. Featuring an ensemble cast of thousands, this is a blockbuster that you don’t want to miss.
5 stars.

Source Code
Jake Gyllenhaal plays a decorated vampire soldier in this epic thriller. As a programmer in the armed forces, his pale antisocial demeanour and adversity to sunlight mean he flies under the radar of suspicion. But one day on the battlefield, a comrade of his is mortally wounded and the smell of blood distracts him before he can check in his source code. Once the code is in enemy hands, it is up to him to reacquire it before his manager finds out. But can he do it without his comrades discovering his terrible secret?
5 stars.

Bridesmaids: On Stranger Tides
Long have the Maids of Bride held their reign of terror over the alien world of Apatow. But in this world that cries out for a hero, one man hears the call. In this rip-roaring sci-fi pirate comedy, Johnny Depp reprises his role as Captain Jack Sparrow to free the Apatownians from the Bridesmaids and steal treasure. This hilarious story of stirring intrigue will delight women and children of all ages. Highly recommended.
5 stars.

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