a story i’ve been waiting to relate…
so i’m at a friend’s place for dinner other day
and i’m telling story of how raphy brought a brown snake to dad as a present
anyway this housemate decides his story is cooler
him- (in Italian) “hey but there’s this festival of the serpents where people walk around with big snakes sometimes a few meters”
me- “oh yeah…but carpet snakes right”
him- “yeah not poisonous but sometimes 2 metres”
me- “yeah well this brown snakes get as large and can kill you”
him- “so this festival…people walk around and throw the snake into the crowd
then they have a cow and the snake goes up the leg (motions spiral)
and grabs the …[teat] (motions sucking)
and the snake drinks the cow!”

waaaaiiit a minute
I was told that this CAN’T HAPPEN
because snakes don’t know what milk is

So here i am in a scrubs moment
me crouching down now in khaki
shorts and a hat
“Listen mate….snakes…don’t drink milk
snakes…dont know what milk is”
i’m thinking… do i relate the snake man‘s wisdom to this idiot?
clearly he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and even if i could somehow get the video or the snake man himself
why would he believe the snake man…….
only i could know the real truth and it was simply a battle of who had the most apparent intellect
believe the young aussie who we know likes to drink and ride bikes?
or the 40 odd year old bachelor who still works as a watiter in a share house and is a bit off with the fairies…but is italian.
i challenged to find evidence of said act on the internet
he couldn’t
but what are the odds? here i am thinking why would snake man think to tell people snakes dont know what milk is?


could crazy italians be the genesis of crazy snake man?

well, who knows more about snakes? snake man or crazy Italians?
I rest my case


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