Software today

James M. My Windows VM hates me.
James M. I’m taking this personally.
Trish K. Maybe it just feels neglected
Trish K. You haven’t been cleaning its milk pipework in a while
James M. I’ve started it up once per day every day this week.
James M. It’s just mad because I started it just now and then immediately hit shutdown, by accident
Trish K. That’s cold, man
James M. Well, it was like a sort of reflex action
James M. Yeah, I feel bad
Trish K. Build it up just to tear it down.
James M. Finally I’ve managed to persuade it to restart now
James M. But it’s definitely in a bad mood
Trish K. Maybe you can butter it up with windows updates and a few restarts
James M. It’s had those every day this week
James M. Ungrateful.
Trish K. You’re spoiling that VM
James M. I know, it’s my own fault really
James M. I shouldn’t pander to it
Trish K. It’ll never be independent at this rate
Trish K. 30 years from now it’ll still be hanging around on your desktop, watching reruns and asking to borrow the car
James M. You’re right, of course. I need to get tough with it.
Trish K. Tough love
James M. Of course if it hadn’t fallen in with the wrong crowd, maybe things would be different
James M. Visual Studio is just not good for it
James M. A bad influence, that program
Trish K. Hey Visual Studio is perfectly fine in moderation.
James M. Well, I don’t know about that. Once it gets together with intellisense, those two are trouble.
Trish K. Don’t be so hard on them. Don’t you remember what you were like back when you were an impressionable young desktop software?
James M. I suppose, so. But the world was different back then, when we only had 16 colours and a few meg of RAM to play with. Not to mention how tough it was to find free CPU cycles.
Trish K. Yeah they don’t know how easy they have it these days, with their fancy graphics cards and terabytes of everything.
James M. These kids have gigabytes of memory to play in, all the CPU cores they could ask for, fast local and cloud storage…
James M. They need to learn the value of the resources they have. Maybe a part time job would teach them some responsibility
Trish K. Back in my day, I had to walk 20 miles in the snow just to smell a *picture* of a CPU
Trish K. Yeah maybe set them doing some background processing tasks
James M. Exactly. Something menial.

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