Dewi’s rat utopia

embersalt: Dewi: I was just earlier discussing an elaborate cooling system using midgets and table salt to mimic a soft sea breeze
embersalt: maybe the bees have a similar system
Dewi: embersalt: I do that for my rats using a nebulizer
Dewi: embersalt: you might need a few to really make a whole room seem sea-breezy
Dewi: embersalt: salty aerosols are really great for respiration
embersalt: Dewi: You simulate a soft sea breeze for your rats using a nebulizer?
Dewi: embersalt: yup
embersalt: Dewi: Do they also get little hammocks and coconut drinks?
Dewi: they do sleep in hammocks, but not in The Tank
embersalt: bloody hell

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